Product and Tech Support Policies      Before you call or email Support, please follow the instructions below to help us help you in a more efficient manner:      *  Read over all the FAQs, you may find the answers to your questions there.    *  Download any and all instructions for the product you need support for and read them. Look on the product description page for download links for the instructions. Most are in PDF format.   *  Measure, Measure, and measure again and write it all down. We want you to get the right size and right amount of product you need. Do not guess at sizes, it never works. Some of the sizes you may need are: Height of chimney. Exact inside dimension of your chimney. Exact inside dimension of the exhaust of your woodstove, oil burner, coal stove, or gas appliance. Exact dimension of your fireplace opening, height and width, if you want to reline a fireplace chimney for use as a fireplace.          We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision on the product you are interested in. We want you to be able to install a safe venting system in your home that will last your lifetime and beyond and we want you to have piece of mind about the product you are purchasing and installing. We want all of this and more, but we need your help! Be sure to read over our site and instructions and have measurements in hand before you call. This will help your support call go smoother, shorter, and you will better understand what our Tech is talking about when they mention certain components.         If we find during a support call that a person has not taken the time out to increase their knowledge by reading our web pages or instructions, we may terminate the call until a later date or when we find that the person has taken the time out to help themselves with the materials already supplied on our site.      You will not find as in-depth product or tech support in the chimney industry anywhere on the Internet as you find with Hart's Hearth & Homestead. We are simply the best! Support Email: Or call - 1-877-602-FIRE (3473)  Choose the “support option” Disclaimer:   Even though we try to educate and inform with all the resources we have, on a rare occasion, there may be times when a customer’s project will not turn out the way they had hoped. Since we are not there looking at your project, we must totally rely on your information to draw a conclusion on what course of action to take. You must take full responsibility for all measurements, drawings, and explanations of what your project details are. Hart's Hearth Inc. is not responsible for wrong parts being ordered, either wrong by size, quanity, or type. It is your, the customer's, reponsibility to be sure of the parts you order. It is your responsibility to make sure parts will fit and work for your installation.       We will do our best to advise you the best we can so you have all the proper parts needed for your project. We will also advise you to the best of our ability through experience on how to install our products. But we can only rely on your information, so be responsible and learn all you can from the information we provide on this site and take responsibility in the rare occasion something doesn't work out right.
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Office Address: Hart's Hearth Inc. Uplink Companies 2523 Middle Rd. Trenton, NC  28585 Toll Free Phone#:  877-602-FIRE (3473) Fax: 800-571-2765 Office Hours: 9AM to 5PM Mon. - Fri. Closed: Sat. & Sun. Most all orders placed Monday thru Friday by 1:30 pm Eastern will be shipped same day. Tech Support, Customer Service, and Order Takers will be available during office hours above.
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