Chimney Caps, Tops, & Covers      Flue caps, chimney tops, and chimney covers come in many different sizes and shapes. Here we will help you determine what type of cap you will need for your chimney.     If you already know what you need, please click through the categories to the left starting at "Chimney Supplies". If you are unsure, we will try to help, read on...       We will start off by asking a series of questions so we can quickly get you where you need to go.     Is your chimney metal or masonry? Metal, click here Masonry, read on.... Masonry Chimney: · Do you already have a masonry cap like slate or concrete and just need to screen it in? If yes, Click here for our · stainless steel mesh. If not, read on... · Do you have a single clay liner, sticking up out of your chimney? (The clay liner will be sort of orange in color.) If yes, you will want a · Single Flue Chimney Cap. If not, read on..... · Do you have multiple clay liners sticking up out of your chimney or no liners at all? If Yes, you will want a · Multi-Flue Chimney Top That covers most all masonry chimney applications. In some cases, a custom cap needs to be made. If that is the case in your instance, you will need to call or fax (fax preferred) us with your chimney and flue dimensions so we can get a quote to you. Once our Build-To-Order program is set up, you will be able to do it right online. Metal Chimney: Metal chimneys can be a bit tricky in that they come in several different types. There is Solid-Pack (sometimes called double wall) that has solid insulation between two walls of pipe. Then there is air-insulated; Air Insulated comes in double wall and triple wall. If you know what type you have click here. If you are unsure, read on..... As the names imply, double wall air-insulated has two pipes with an airspace between and triple wall has three pipes with air between each wall. Ok..... so how do you tell what you have? There are a couple of ways. First, and easiest, would be to "thump" the outside of your chimney with your finger or anything else that will give you a sound against the pipe. If you get a "twang" or a ring like it is hollow, then it is a safe bet that you have an air- insulated chimney. If you get a "thud", then the next step would be to check thickness of the pipe to be sure you have a solid-pack. Take the chimney cap off and measure the inside diameter and then the outside diameter (many times once you take the cap off, you can see the air between the pipes). If the OD (outside dimension) is 3" more than the ID, it's a pretty safe bet you have an air-insulated chimney (ie; 6" inside diameter, 10" outside diameter = air-insulated chimney). If there is less than 3" (ie; 8" ID and 10 1/2" OD) then you have a solid pack. · If you have determined that you have a solidpack chimney, · click here  · If you have an air-insulated chimney, you must have a special cap that will allow the air between the walls to vent properly. Without that proper venting, the chimney will get very hot on the outer wall and could catch the house on fire. · Caps for Air-Insulated Chimneys
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